About Sara Wolf

Sara Wolf with her family.

I was born and raised in Minnesota and have lived in Farmington for nearly 20 years. Married to my high school sweetheart, I am mother to two teenagers. My roots are deep in my community and I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else! I’m running for a seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives because I believe we can do better. I get frustrated because it seems that our lawmakers devote so much time and energy to negative rhetoric and placing blame, that they forget that they are all there for the same reason…to create common sense laws and policies that better the lives of Minnesotans! Well, I am not one to complain without taking action! So here we go! Because we need legislators that can consider issues from all angles in order to gain a better understanding and to move forward in the most effective way possible. We’ve got to stop living in a world of extremes, speak the truth, even when it’s difficult, and come together with policies that don’t pit groups of Minnesotans against each other.